Friday, May 13, 2011


In 1990 Adam Ant released his 4th solo album, Manners and Physique. The album yielded a top 20 single in Room at the Top. Then in 1991 Ant returned to the studio and recorded his fifth album for a planned release in 92 or 93. MCA, however, was a little ticked that Manners and Physique didn't achieve gold status and the label decided to drop Ant from their label after hearing the new album. Apparently MCA wasn't keen on Adam's dance oriented sound and wanted stuff that sounded like Goody Two Shoes.

The new album was titled Persuasion and following the rejection of the album by MCA, Adam, together with a new band including Marco Pirroni, embarked on the live 1993 Persuasion Tour to attract a new label for the album. Ant was able to sign to new label Capitol Records in the USA and EMI in the UK, but MCA pulled a pissy pants move and was unwilling to let go of the Persuasion master tapes and so a new album Wonderful was recorded instead with the band from the tour. The album has surfaced as bootlegs and once in a while shows up in fan forums. This album is one of the 20 written about in "The Greatest Music Never Sold" by Dan Leroy, a book that reveals information on the legendary lost recordings of many famous artists. The latest news that I've found is that Sony now has the rights to the recordings, although nothing has been said yet with regards to releasing it. I picked this up from a fan site 7 or 8 years ago and as I was searching for the site again I found it's no longer in existence. I wouldn't call it his best work but there are moments of the Ant brilliance. So here is a couple cuts from the lost album and if anyone has been searching for it can drop me an email.


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mr.marcdamien said...

i've been looking for Persuasion, unsuccessfully. Looks like you've got a couple of dead links there. Any clues where i might be able to find this lost Ant Gospel?