Friday, June 10, 2011

Songs From the Wood

Songs from the Wood came out in 1977 and is the tenth studio album by Jethro Tull and is considered to be the first of a trio of folk rock albums (Songs from the Wood, Heavy Horses and Stormwatch) despite the fact that folk music elements are present in the work of Jethro Tull both before and after this trilogy. These particular Tull albums all fit nicely together and should be listened to as such. The unofficial full title of the album is Jethro Tull with kitchen, prose and gutter rhymes and divers songs from the wood.  Filled with folk and fantasy imagery, and ornamental folk arrangement, the album is a departure from the hard rock of earlier Tull material, though it still retained some of the band's older sound.  I'm a Tull fan and hands down this is my favorite album.  I love to listen to the three albums back to back as it provides a great listening experience.  Ian Anderson delivers some great flute action on most of these songs and overall they're catchy as hell.

Hunting Girl
The Whistler
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Funny Toon


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Us mainlanders imagine all you Islanders sit around listening to long hair folky types like Jethro Tull when you get bored of listening to your Valdy records.

Brett said...

Despite what Mr. Beer and Hockey said, I think SFTW is one of their best albums, along with Heavy Horses. I always likes the blending of rock and folk. They were the only ones who could make it work. Great album.

homercat said...

Lol Mr. Beer, especially since I've spent the last year looking for all of Valdy's stuff on vinyl.

Brett, glad someone else likes this one. Thought I might catch heck for not listing Aqualung as my favorite Tull album.

Curt Shannon said...

No heck from me - Aqualung was bloated and a real step down from "Stand Up" and "Benefit," (as were the ones that followed it until "Songs from the Wood.") Thanks for the post.