Saturday, November 26, 2011

From the Hip

Josie Cotton is a classic example of an artist whose entire career is overshadowed by one song. A hit from her first album, Convertible Music, was the in-dubious-taste "Johnny Are You Queer?," which was such a controversial song at the time of its 1982 release that the rest of her fantastic debut album album was overlooked in the brouhaha. Josie's music invokes the whole California girly pop scene of the early '80s.

Her second album came out in 1984 and is called From the Hip. This album has its standouts -- "School Is In," "Way Out West," and "Jimmy Loves Maryann," which incite new wave sock hops and hip shaking. Despite having the likes of Lindsey Buckingham as part of her back up band, the second album couldn't quite match her debut as it was almost flawless. Having said that the album is very good and I love to listen to it. I don't have her first album on vinyl so this gets played a lot. You can get her first two albums on 1 cd from amazon, but that doesn't help me cause I'm a vinyl nut.

School Is In
Jimmy Loves Mary Ann
Buy Convertible Music: From the Hip

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Jeff said...

Had to laugh at your last sentence. Know exactly what you're saying. I, too, am a vinyl nut.

Bob said...

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