Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

We miss our Misty very much but we wanted to give a kitty a home for Christmas and find a new friend for Phurbee so we went to the SPCA 2weeks ago and got picked by Charlie. He's 5 years old and a sweety ... plus he's got very long legs, is kind of colt-ish because of it and he also likes to bark with happiness. He's already part of the family and it already feels like he's always been here :-) Welcome home, Charlie!

On the other hand, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas was a 1982 film adaptation of the musical of the same. The film starred Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds and also featured Noah Beery, Jr., Jim Nabors, Charles Durning and Dom DeLuise. Durning was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as the Texas governor. In terms of box-office, The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas was the most successful movie-musical of the 1980s. The film soundtrack was released along with the film in July 1982. In addition to the score of Carol Hall songs that had also appeared on the stage soundtrack, the film soundtrack included two Dolly Parton compositions: "Sneakin' Around", which she performed as a duet with costar Burt Reynolds and a reworking of her 1974 classic "I Will Always Love You", the latter of which topped the U.S. country charts in September 1982.   Since it is almost Christmas a little Hard Candy Christmas is in order.
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Hard Candy Christmas by Dolly Parton
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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School

It has always been my intention here to not only put up a couple songs from an album, but also to encourage folks to track down a hard copy, be it cd or vinyl (preferably vinyl), as the original always sounds way better than these compressed mp3's. I find mp3's too tinny sounding on the high end and thuddy and muddled on the lows. As far as portability and file size goes an mp3 can't be beat, it's the ultimate for taking your music anywhere, but the sound quality leaves much to be desired. A lot of the stuff I put up here is rareish or out of print, mostly leaving the new releases alone.

A week or so ago I heard on the news that as of the end of next year the record industry will no longer manufacture cd's because they will be going to a strictly digital download route for all music, thus rendering all music "out of Print". It wasn't specified whether this was only major label releases or the entire industry or if it's a gradual phasing out. Or did my local radio station report this as news when it may only be a myth? As an audiophile this bugs me tremendously, personally I don't pay money for a tinny, compressed version of a song. I might consider it if it was lossless, yet those files can be quite large. Then there's the, can you hold it in your hand and read the liner notes factor, which I always do. My vinyl and cd collection is huge and I don't apologize for that. I know some of the arguments for digital including the carbon footprints vinyl and cd leave. I rarely buy anything on cd anymore because if a release is available on vinyl I purchase it. So I could be said to be contributing to the cd's demise. If nothing new is ever printed on vinyl or cd, I guess I'll be spending more time in the used record stores as there is a ton of vinyl out there at pretty cheap prices and we can continue to watch music sales decline. Nothing better than a trip to the record store and flipping through the albums and stumbling upon a treasure that you've been looking for. I also wouldn't want to risk my entire music collection on a hard drive that could crash or an mp3 player that might accidently fall in a toilet or a sink full of water. Anyways would be interested to hear other people's take on this news.

Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School was Warren Zevon's 4th album released in 1980. The term Dancing School in the title is a euphemism for a brothel. This album was cut as Zevon was struggling to stay clean and sober after the success of his previous album Excitable Boy. Because of this the album has a strength of focus that was absent on that album. The album's rockers hit harder and cut deeper than any of his previous work, and on Wild Age Zevon addresses his own failings and expresses his need for a greater maturity in his life. Along for the ride are a zillion guest artists such as Joe Walsh, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Don Henley, and Glenn Frey just to name a few. Zevon showed again that the quality of his songwriting was no fluke. homercat vinyl.

A Certain Girl
Jeannie Needs a Shooter
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