Thursday, September 29, 2011

Souvenir: 1989—1998

The Rankin Family is a Canadian musical family group from Mabou, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The group has won many Canadian music awards, including 15 East Coast Music Awards, six Juno Awards, four SOCAN Awards, three Canadian Country Music Awards and two Big Country Music Awards. Out of the 12 Rankin siblings, Jimmy, John Morris, Cookie, Raylene and Heather released their own independent cassettes The Rankin Family (1989) and Fare Thee Well Love (1990), featuring original songs and a combination of traditional jigs, reels and Celtic folk songs. After five albums they went their separate ways to pursue their own projects. This was in 1999 and less than a year later, John Morris Rankin was killed in a car accident in Cape Breton. They have since reunited for a couple of new albums.

Souvenir: 1989—1998 is a 2 disc greatest hits compilation that came out in 2003. It is a great overview of the decade when the Rankin Family rose to prominence in the Canadian pop/folk scene and opened a floodgate of likeminded musicians who brought Celtic influences into the contemporary scene. It is evenly focused on their entire career, and also serves as a memorial to the late John Morris Rankin (1959-2000). Mrs. homercat introduced me to The Rankins and I love them. Just one listen to You Feel the Same Way Too, Borders and Time or The Mull River Shuffle and you'll be hooked too. The family is blessed with wonderful voices, particularly the women. The harmony is dense and absolutely pure. The voices are clear and crisp, the lyrics are full of meaning, and the music is just fantastic. The men in the group are excellent instrumentalists and the late John Rankin's fiddle playing is superb in an authentic Gaelic style. Truly one of Canada's best kept secrets.

Borders and Time
You Feel the Same Way Too

Funny Toon